Exclusive Products & Services

Customised Online Reporting

Fleet Online Airside’s coupled with Power BI web based reporting packages provides fleet managers with powerful, real-time management over their entire fleet. The system provides a range of features to manage equipment settings, operator access, generate reports to analyse and improve fleet safety and productivity, track equipment and status with GPS positioning and many more, all from the desktop.

Telemetry – Fleet On Line Airside

Fleet Online AirSide is the most advanced AGSE Fleet Safety & Reporting system on the market today. Incorporating state of the art GPS positioning, mobile connectivity, intelligent equipment monitoring, and a powerful web based reporting engine, Fleet Online AirSide is the answer to the challenges AGSE operators face worldwide.


Adaptalift GSE offers a range of service and support options from call out’s to complete workshop facilities. Adaptalift GSE has fully equipped service vans, with over 19 service centres and 10 state branches Australia wide, in all metropolitan and major regional areas, with guaranteed industry leading response time and efficient service.

Specialist GSE

Adaptalift Specialist GSE comprises of technicians and customer support staff with extensive aircraft experience and skills, on-site service support and dedicated staff in Australian aviation. This wholly owned sub- division of AALGSE focuses and specialises in GPU load bank testing, aircraft jack (tripod and axle) load test, gauge calibration, hydraulic rig and test stands maintenance and calibration, tow bar inspection and maintenance as well as aircraft tooling inspection such as handling equipment. The Adaptalift specialist GSE division offers rough terrain mobile service vehicles that cover on-site servicing Australia-wide, including off shore locations.

Adaptalift Rapid Parts

Adaptalift Rapid Parts is a division of Adaptalift GSE offering customers new comprehensive range of fast moving aftermarket parts and accessories. Rapid Parts recognises the need for a choice of supply within the Ground Support & Equipment industry and our product range continues to actively develop into international brands. We have now aligned our business with quality suppliers both globally and locally within Australia and have branches Australia wide. With regular marketing promotions and product information we will keep you right up to date with what’s happening at Adaptalift Rapid Parts. Register for free at www.aalrapidparts.com.au

Battery Monitoring & Technology

The Adaptalift GSE Battery Management System is the solution to GSE battery management problems. Major benefits include monitored battery performance in real time resulting in increased battery life, adjustable maintenance resulting in a reduction in running costs and unit down time. It is suited to sealed, wet cell or lithium ion batteries, the system can also be fully integrated with Fleet On Line providing detailed reports and status information.